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Writing a First-Rate Letter After Job Interview

Saying 'thank you' is an easy thing to do in person - but it makes an even better impression with the receiver when your appreciation arrives in the form of a letter after job interview that is written in your handwriting. Yes, it takes more time and a bit of effort, as well as a stamp and maybe a trip to the post office, but it's worth it. In this era of fast-paced business and communication styles, it's rare that an individual sends a handwritten note of gratitude. You could make this a habit, however, and thereby establish yourself as a caring, thoughtful person who is truly grateful for the time and attention the hiring manager gave you.

And while you have his or her attention in your letter after job interview, you can state again what you enjoyed about the meeting and what you learned about the job you hope to fill. For example, suppose you write something like this:

"Thank you for meeting with me on Wednesday morning. After speaking with you I find I am more interested than ever in the position we discussed. I'd welcome the opportunity to meet with you again and talk further about how I can contribute to your company with my experience and skills. Please call me if this is something you'd like to do as well."

Go the Extra Mile

You may also want to be sure the hiring manager does not forget you, by adding a little something to your letter after job interview. To stand out among the many people he or she will meet with, refer to some topic you may have talked about while together - perhaps a hobby, sports or music interest, or a pastime you both share such an basketball or quilting. If you have something to add to your note, such as an article about the subject or a review or announcement regarding some related event, do so. This alone can make a big difference in keeping your name and face in front of the employer - especially if the hiring process drags on for several weeks or months.

Show Your Style

A thoughtful and welcome thank you letter after job interview also establishes you as a smart businessperson, one who is aware and attentive. While hundreds of people may bid for the same job, not everyone will express as much thoughtfulness as you if you take the opportunity to write a personal and professional letter after job interview - one that may very well lead to your being called for a second interview—and ultimately to accept the job you're targeting.