Job Interview Articles

You Can Create an Amazing Job Interview Video

Consider the great results you could have in your real-life interview by creating a job interview video as a practice tool. You’ll be able to watch yourself answer common questions, observe your posture and body language, and determine whether or not your clothing and accessories are appropriate, as well as listen to your tone of voice and see your personality traits come through. In other words, you can be your own evaluator.

Get Started Now

You’ll need a video recorder or digital camcorder and a friend to be the acting interviewer. Line up these essentials and then take time to make sure your videotaped interview is as close to the real thing as possible. This includes making a list of questions you’d expect in the live job interview and then having your friend ask them of you during your job interview videos. You may wish to make more than one as you discover ways to improve.

To determine which questions are likely to be asked, take a look at the job description. Imagine that every sentence you read holds the seed of an inquiry from the interviewer. For example, if the job description says the person to be hired would be responsible for "managing the customer support department" then chances are good that you’ll be asked about your experience, skills and results in that area.

Other Sources to Tap

Magazine articles, the company web site, and people in your social network can give you more information about what to expect from an interview. Include whatever you learn in your job interview video. Keep in mind the wealth of help that is available and tap into it. The more you learn and put into practice, the greater your chance of winning the job.

In addition to finding out the questions to expect, give your friend/interviewer the freedom to ask you some unexpected questions as well. They will sharpen your mind, keep you on your toes, and provide you with opportunities to be spontaneous—to think on your feet, so to speak. As you create your job interview video, focus your answers on what you know the employer is looking for in the person to be hired.

Speak From the Heart—And From Experience

Examples and stories from your real-life work experience and actions and solutions to problems from your personal and professional history are your best advocates in a job interview. Put them into your job interview video and see for yourself how convincing they are.