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You Can Do Better Than the Sample Job Interview Thank You

If you check most business books, you'll find a predictable sample job interview thank you letter. It contains the usual information you'd expect - a friendly greeting and an expression of appreciation for the job interview and the opportunity to share your experience and skills.

This type of letter is certainly superior to not writing one at all - which is the case with some job hunters. They walk out the door of the interview room and forget their manners. But the most important thing you can do is to write a job interview thank you letter or note immediately.

Try Something Different

However, most sample job interview thank you letters do not suggest the one thing that will help you keep your name and qualifications in front of the hiring manager's mind. What is that 'something different'?

It is called an information gift. That simply means that you include a piece of useful information in the envelope along with your thank you note. Perhaps you and the hiring manager talked about sports or movies or music and you noticed his or her interest in a particular aspect of that topic or you saw a piece of memorabilia in the employer's office. You might then refer to that interest in your letter by sending an article, web site address, tip, or other bit of related information that shows you were paying attention to the conversation.

For example, one job hunter found that she and the hiring manager had knitting in common. So the job hunter sent the hiring manager a copy of a unique pattern for a scarf they had discussed.

Be Appropriate and Professional

Of course it's important to respect the hiring manager's boundaries. If you appear chummy instead of merely friendly you may spoil your chance of being considered for the job. Use wisdom and discernment when writing, but also show your humanity. Employers are people just like you. They respond well to men and women who are kind and personal without being pushy.

Such an action doesn't guarantee that you'll be hired, but this thoughtful ‘extra' will put you in a favorable light.

Therefore, keep three things in mind as you write your thank you letter—things that you will not see in sample job interview thank you letters. Warmth, humanity, and professionalism.