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You Can Have a Fabulous IT Job Interview

An IT job interview is an exciting prospect, especially as information technology expands and advances. More and more qualified professionals will be looking for positions in this growing field.

You are probably one of them. As you know times are changing fast. At one point, an IT job candidate only had to display his or her qualifications to do support functions for whatever the company needed. Chief tasks were to keep the computer and networks up and running. That was about the extent of it.

Today, however, the requirements have broadened. You will be asked if you can meet the increased responsibilities and visibility of the IT environment. In some cases, you would need to do much more than merely support the company. The entire firm could be devoted to IT business.

Moving With the Times

The company may provide IT service to its customers, or be involved in advanced technology to conduct business in the world at large. In this case, IT responsibilities would likely involve all of the company's activities, including marketing, finance, human relations, research, sales, and business development.

Therefore, the following tips may prove helpful as you prepare for an IT job interview.

  • Know ahead of time what the hiring manager is looking for, by studying the job description in detail.
  • Prepare for the interview with examples of how you resolved IT conflicts in your current or previous place of employment.
  • Review your strategy and likely interview questions with colleagues in the IT field.
  • Be ready to talk about your hard and soft skills—which include leadership, decision-making ability, and communication style as well as your IT expertise.

Be Prepared

Dress professionally. Arrive ahead of the agreed-upon time. Bring a notepad with a few questions or comments related to the job on hand and your experience in the IT workplace. Be cheerful, friendly, and ready to respond with confidence.