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You Can Have a Successful Telephone Job Interview

If you receive an invitation to participate in a telephone job interview you have an opportunity to make a great first impression - which can lead to an in-person interview. Therefore, you’ll want to perform at your best. The hiring manager won’t be able to 'see' you but he or she will imagine what you look like by the sound of your voice. So a lot will rest on your ability to come across in a professional, knowledgeable, and friendly manner. This may take some practice. But you can do that with a friend or relative. Conduct your rehearsal over the phone!

Focus on the Essentials

  • Your answers to the likely questions you will receive. Be ready to provide information that will catch the employer’s attention and convince him or her to bring you in for a face-to-face interview. That means being prepared to discuss your ability to do the job, your practical and relationship skills, and your attributes and characteristics as a person.
  • The company and its mission and goals for employees. Prepare for this by studying the web site and any literature you're able to get from the human resources department. Also talk to people who already work at the company and get their opinion of the job in question and how you might fit the profile of the person being sought for employment.
  • Job requirements and duties. Find out exactly what would be expected of you if you win the position. The job site where you found the listing in the first place probably has the details you’ll need. You can also talk to someone in the personnel department before the telephone job interview occurs.

Gather Some Personal Stories

Hiring managers like to hear real-life example of your accomplishments and problem-solving experiences during your career as they relate to the job you’re being interviewed for. Experience is more impressive than generalizations. If you were able to 'put out a fire' that was building between colleagues, or save the company money by suggesting a new way of doing business, or improve communication between managers and subordinates, by all means, prepare these anecdotes ahead of time so you can share them during the telephone job interview without distraction.

Once you have your interview 'ducks' in a row, you’ll be ready to face the telephone job interview without fear, conduct yourself with courtesy and enthusiasm, and win an opportunity to be interviewed in person.