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You Can Interview For A Job Without Fear

Have you heard the popular definition of FEAR? If not, here it is: False Evidence Appearing Real. Nothing could be truer than this statement when it comes to an interview for a job.

Most job seekers will admit that it is a nerve-wracking experience filled with doubt, negative thoughts, worry, and anxiety. Their thoughts and feelings run riot and some people break out in a cold sweat or even hives at just the mention of the words job interview. They want so much to succeed that they over-react and as a result ruin their chance for the very thing they want - a new job!

You don't have to be one of them. In fact, you're ahead of the game by the simple fact that you've actually been called for an interview. During this economic downturn when many employers are freezing their hiring practice and also laying people off, think about what an opportunity it is for you to actually be considered for employment. Therefore, you can lay down your emotions and simply get the job done - the job of interviewing and winning the position.

Arrive Prepared

The time to get ready is now. Find out what the company needs and what the employer is looking for in the person he or she interviews. Once you have those basics, you're more than halfway there. You can walk into the room prepared to talk about how you are the one for the job, equipped with examples of how you solved problems, took charge of a situation that called for leadership, approached management with a good idea, came alongside fellow employees during a crisis, and so on. Real-life experiences make a huge impact. Forget vague references and generalizations.

You can successfully navigate a job interview when you present 'the real deal,' examples from your life in the workforce that clearly illustrate your best traits. And if you have an experience that parallels something the current company is undergoing, so much the better. That will surely convince the hiring manager that you are the one for the job, regardless of the recession or the slow hiring practice. He or she will see you as a problem solver, a leader, and a person to be counted on in difficult times.

Be Ready With An Answer

As you listen to the interviewer's questions you’ll gain insight into what he or she is really looking for. Even while the person is speaking go immediately to your mental bank and pull out an example that shows your ability or skill in that area of interest. The quicker you can do this the better. Your prompt response will show that you are prepared to step in and take over the job - regardless of what it may present. This could be the crucial element that wins you the position on the spot and allows you to put down FEAR.