Job Interview Articles

You Can Learn From FREE Job Interview Questions

Finding free job interview questions is as easy as turning to a search engine on the Internet. Once you locate them they can be a great resource as you plan your interview. You'll get a feel for the kinds of things an employer or hiring manager is looking for in the job candidates he or she hopes to hire.

Practicing your answers to such job interview questions will be very useful, boosting your confidence, and preparing you for the 'real' thing. Keep in mind, however, that such questions are examples only. They cannot accurately reflect all job types and therefore will not be specific to the job you're interviewing for.

However, they are a helpful tool, so don't pass them up.

Examples to study

Where do you want to be in five years? This is a good question to consider and to answer for yourself. It encourages you to think about your future and how you want it to play out. If asked a similar question you can respond with confidence, giving the interviewer a sense of your career goals and drive.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? Here is another general question but an important one. Respond with honesty, providing examples of problems you've solved and what you learned from them or how you corrected a situation that challenged you?

Why should we hire you rather than someone else? This question or one like it will give you an opportunity to toot your own horn a bit. This is your chance to express with enthusiasm why you feel you are best suited to fill the open position. Give specific reasons related to your on-the-job experience and the difficult situations you have faced and resolved.

With these questions to guide you, add a few of your own or consult people you know who have been interviewed for a similar position. Your network of friends and colleagues can be a big help to you here. Ask them to share a few sample questions you can use for practice.

This process will encourage you to think about the specific job you're interested in as well as the organization's goals.

Move Forward With Confidence

Trust the process. The hiring manager is as eager to hire someone for the job, as you are to be the one hired. Arrive at the interview backed up by the free job interview questions and a few of your own. Answer honestly and enthusiastically.